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Effects (under construction)

The first pedal I bought, way back in 1987/88. I couldn't decide between the Chorus or Flanger, so opted for the Flanger and wished I'd got the Chorus instead. Still, you can sound like Phil Lynott on Waiting For An Alibi with one of these bad boys.

Current status: not working!

Pedal number 2. Primarily bought to try to make me sound more like Sting.

Current status: not working!

I got this one to complete the set of (the then) three Boss Bass pedals. It was a waste really as my amp had an equaliser on it, but it looked good. It was useful for boosting output during one or two songs in the Eklipse era.

Current status: not working!

This was an impulse purchase after I got back into playing bass. Would it make me sound like Lemmy? Of course not - the only thing to buy to make you sound like Lemmy is a Rickenbacker, a Marshall stack with a specially designed head. Fools and their money are easily parted.

I recently tried to get a sound out of this which I liked, and failed.

I think this came from my short-lived Slap phase. It was either this or a compressor and this won the day for some reason long forgotten.


In my quest to get rid of hum, this pedal came along. Perhaps now I'd look at shielding the guitar's electronics instead.

After faffing around with a clip-on tuner, I decided to stop messing around and get one of these. It's great for setting the intonation on a new or modified bass. Well worth every penny, especially considering my comments about the LS-2 below.

I'm using it with Rocksmth and two amps. The Output is connected to the Rocksmith Real Tone cable, and the bypass to the Amp (Little Mark). Then - this is untried at the time of writing - I'm running the JCM 800 as a slave from the Little Mark. That would have saved a few quid, and a free tuner too.

I found this on eBay after deciding I needed a compressor. Quite why, seeing as I have the Limiter, I don't know but Paul Gray has a compressor, so it must be worth having.

The LS-2. Bought upon a total misunderstanding. I believed that I could use it to get bass out of Rocksmith, the Little Mark 800 and the JCM 800 simultaneously. Mistake! The pedal allows one of the three outputs to be selected, not all three at once. I should have done some research first and realised that the TU-3 tuner will do this.

The LS-2 does work as an amp-Rocksmith splitter. Put the Real Tone cable in Send B and the amp input cable in Send A. Set the Output Select to A-B Mix Bypass and when you press the pedal you'll get bass to both outputs. The tuner is in my opinion a better option though.

Another eBay find. Bought primarily because a) I hadn't got one, and b) it's what Phil Lynott uses on Dancing In The Moonlight.

One more from eBay. I fancied trying the bass solo from Venom's Buried Alive on fretless with this.


It's all very well having loads of effects, but the only one I need and would ever use on stage, is the TU-3.


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