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I've got a MarkBass Little Mark 800 and a 1980's Marshall JCM 800, which are linked to a Marshall 8 x 10 and a Marshall 4 x 12 respectively. The Little Mark drives the JCM 800 through the Line Out. The result is, let's put it this way - loud!

For anyone wondering, it's an empty bottle of Motorhead Shiraz on the end of the JCM 800. Still the best bottle of red I've ever tasted. Thanks Wifey!

Now I'm in a band, I needed something more portable. This is the result:

A 2,000W (1,000W at 8 Ohms) Bugera Veyron amp coupled to a 400W at 8 Ohms Peavey Headliner 210 cab. What could possibly go wrong?

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